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Solid Yellow Gold Tube Bead, Noodle Tube, Curve Tube Bead, Bracelet Bead, Necklace Bead, Gold Tube Beads, Tubular Beads

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18k solid yellow gold tube beads that will make a gorgeous necklace after adding your favourite...
Size Guide

18k solid yellow gold tube beads that will make a gorgeous necklace after adding your favourite gems! Available in many different designs and styles.

50x8mm - 14k 7.3 grams / 18k 8.7 grams / Hole Size: 7mm
50x7mm - 14k 6.4 grams / 18k 7.6 grams / Hole Size: 6mm
50x6mm - 14k 5.45 grams / 18k 6.5grams / Hole Size: 5mm
50x5mm - 14k 4.5 grams / 18k 5.3 grams / Hole Size: 4mm
40x4mm - 14k 2.8 grams / 18k 3.3 grams / Hole Size: 3mm

45x3mm - 14k 1.9grams / 18k 2.25grams / Hole Size: 2.20mm
40x3mm - 14k 1.7grams / 18k 2.0grams / Hole Size: 2.20mm
35x3mm - 14k 1.45grams / 18k 1.75grams / Hole Size: 2.20mm
25x3mm - 14k 1.0grams / 18k 1.25grams / Hole Size: 2.20mm

40x2.5mm - 14k 1.35grams / 18k 1.60grams / Hole Size: 1.70mm
35x2.5mm - 14k 1.20grams / 18k 1.40grams / Hole Size: 1.70mm
30x2.5mm - 14k 1.0grams / 18k 1.20grams / Hole Size: 1.70mm
25x2.5mm - 14k 0.80grams / 18k 1.0grams / Hole Size: 1.70mm
20x2.5mm - 14k 0.65grams / 18k 0.80grams / Hole Size: 1.70mm

30x2mm - 14k 0.70grams / 18k 0.85grams / Hole Size: 1.30mm
25x2mm - 14k 0.60grams / 18k 0.70grams / Hole Size: 1.30mm
20x2mm - 14k 0.45grams / 18k 0.55grams / Hole Size: 1.30mm
15x1.5mm - 14k 0.30grams / 18k 0.35grams / Hole Size: 0.80mm

20x1.5mm - 14k 0.40grams / 18k 0.45grams / Hole Size: 0.80mm
25x1.5mm - 14k 0.50grams / 18k 0.58grams / Hole Size: 0.80mm

20x2mm - 14k 0.47grams / 18k 0.55grams / Hole Size: 1.30mm
10x2mm - 14k 0.25grams / 18k 0.28grams / Hole Size: 1.30mm

Please note: the "diameter" above is for the tube, NOT the hole. The hole is a little smaller than the diameter of tubes.
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Thank you so so much for everything you done for me. I very appreciate that.

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I'm amazed, yesterday I have received my order, shipping was excellent. I can't describe how much I am happy with skull earrings, they're absolutely gorgeous, perfect made, high detailed and diamond is such beautiful, perfect shine. This earrings are my most beautiful earrings which I ever had. I will wear it all the time 😍 Gift box is also beautiful and you are packed excellent. Ohh, the skull earrings are so perfect made, so gorgeous,I definitely love them and I put them on right away. Thank you so so so much
Skull Earrings
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